Port Harcourt residents face high risk of cancer

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Residents of Port Harcourt are now on the high risk of suffering from cancer and other related ailments. This follows the continued appearance of black soot within Port Harcourt and its environs in the last couple of weeks. A medical practitioner, Dr Kenneth Okechukwu, said that due to people’s exposure to the soot, incidence of cancer and asthma may be on the increase in the next 15 years when the appearance of the black soot would have been forgotten. According to Dr Okechukwu, soot serves as trigger factors to worsen asthma, increases rate of cancer risk and causes poor visibility that can lead to accident. An environmentalist, Precious Eno said preliminary studies on the soot are coming from outside Port Harcourt as burning of tires and other materials suspected to be the cause have been stopped but the black particles are still being noticed. Some residents spoken with complained bitterly about the effect of the black soot and appealed to Government to find urgent solution to it. The State Commissioner for Environment, Mrs. Rose Konya, disclosed that government would carry out sensitization in areas the soot where emanating from. From Nzeuzor Jane (PH)

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